Debt Agreement and Bankruptcy Services

Insolvency Administration Services offers a variety of proven procedures and techniques to successfully, professionally and efficiently manage clients’ Debt Agreements.

Our experienced staff will provide these services in an environment that is client focused, caring, and non-confrontational toward the client. This promotes positive, nurturing and interactive atmospheres between debt solution service providers, their clients, creditors and AFSA for clients experiencing difficult financial circumstances.

Insolvency Administration Services will handle the entire administration process of the Debt Agreement including applications, lodgements, variations and terminations.

More specifically, Insolvency Administration Services focuses on:

  • Client, Creditor and Stakeholder Communications (including Client Statements, Status Reports, 3 and 6 month Default Reports)
  • Client Payment Processing
  • Client Payment Dishonour Follow-ups (through SMS, Email and Telephone)
  • Creditor Payments and Distributions (EFT and Cheque)
  • Compliance and Reporting

For Our Clients

Debt Agreements or Bankruptcy might not be their first choice, but for many people across the country, it is the only option they have. Insolvency Administration Services exists to make the entire process easy and understandable.

Our professional case managers will maintain a positive relationship with your creditors and communicate with them on your behalf. They will make regular check-ins to see how your repayments are going and if you find you are still having trouble making a regular repayment they can reassess your situation and negotiate with your creditors.

The debt agreement industry/Part IX regime is regulated by the Australian Financial Security Authority.

For the Creditors

Having a Debt Agreement managed by Insolvency Administration Services means great things for your company. It means you will receive regular dividends for the life of the agreement, be updated and notified of any mishaps or changes, enjoy honest communication and receive regular reports so you always know exactly what is going on.

Transparency is what separates Insolvency Administration Services from other administration companies. We understand exactly what is required of us and take our service to the next level.

We are accurate and regular with our records and can produce information on request. We offer complete reporting services for you, our clients and their brokers on any matter concerning the Debt Agreement. We will never shy away from your questions or keep secrets but rather be upfront and honest in all aspects of our business.


Insolvency Administration Services complies with all the regulations put forward by the governing body.

The Debt Agreement industry/Part IX regime is regulated by the Australian Financial Securities Authority (AFSA). AFSA fulfils a number of roles created by the Bankruptcy Act. This includes administering bankruptcies and other personal insolvency arrangements when a private trustee or other administrator is not appointed.

Not only does Insolvency Administration Services manage its clients’ Debt Agreements to the highest standard, but it ensures it complies with all industry regulations at the outset and through the life of the agreement.


Insolvency Administration Services uses a customised debt management software called Debtware™ to manage your clients’ agreements.

The dynamic software is process driven, functional and user friendly allowing our staff to manage your clients with a high degree of efficiency.

The software was created to manage and maintain every element within the client workflow, spanning the first points of contact all the way to recommendations, lodgement of debt agreement proposals and complete automated administration of formal and informal Debt Agreements.