Insolvency Administration Services

Insolvency Administration Services is committed to providing services that enhance the relationships between debtors, creditors and other concerned stakeholders. With our customised software and back-end processes we can efficiently manage clients’ Debt Agreements ensuring creditors are constantly kept informed and files are always compliant with the relevant authorities.

Insolvency Administration Services manages the complete administration process for Debt Agreements. We take care of the entire process including client, creditor and stakeholder communications, reports, dishonour follow-ups, payments, distributions and industry compliance.

This is done in a caring, compassionate, judgement-free environment in order to nurture the client/creditor relationship and to deliver a positive experience to people going through such a desperate situation.

Insolvency Administration Services uses Debtware™, a customised debt management solution to ensure your clients’ Debt Agreements are managed effectively.

Debt Agreement providers who are spending too much time managing the agreements can call on our services and allow us to administer them on their behalf. This frees up your time, leaving you to concentrate on generating more business while also providing you with a significant ongoing income stream.

Insolvency Administration Services is a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator, RDAA Number 1337.


While entering a Debt Agreement or declaring Bankruptcy can be positive solutions to your debt problems, they can also be stressful and frightening processes. Insolvency Administration Services is here to make sure the experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.


Insolvency Administration Services prides itself on its transparency and efficiency with communication. Our professional case managers strive to keep an open and honest line of communication going between our clients and their creditors.


AFSA manages the application of bankruptcy laws through the delivery of high quality personal insolvency and trustee, regulation and enforcement. Insolvency Administration Services ensures our practices are compliant with the regulations set out by AFSA.